Our Vision

We are a people who love this area and desire to see it grow in every kind of vitality. An author once wrote about the Valley, “Everyone from the earliest explorers called this place beautiful. Maybe it has to do with rightness; no artist would alter the placement of a hill or the bend of a creek; everything is exactly where it belongs.” We believe the Valley is beautiful because it was God who made it. It’s beauty is a reflection of his beauty. And yet, even this place and its people share in the brokenness of the world.

Church of the Lamb exists for the glory of God and the good of Elkton and East Rockingham County.

Church of the Lamb seeks God's glory and the good of Elkton and East Rockingham in the following ways:


The Lord Jesus gathers us every Sunday as His people at His Table, to forgive our sins, speak to us in the reading and preaching of His Word, and feed us in Holy Communion before sending us out once more to serve Him in the world.


Deep renewal for individuals and communities comes through Jesus Christ. Empowered by his life-giving Spirit, we seek to become more like him by growing in knowledge and love with one another. 


We seek, through word and action, to proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ.